Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cave Troll...er something. (work in progress)

I started this guy a little while ago and i'm just updating him randomly now.  His body is far enough along I think. I'll start adding armor to him next so stay tuned for updates!

Update: Added a pad lock to his gear so he'd actually have a way to get out.  Also added a pretty shabby loin cloth so we don't see his junk swinging around.  Cause that would be just gross...

Update:  Added the chest plate and chains.  I also added a bit more to his helmet.  It was ok before but I felt like it was floating a bit.  It needed some more near the rear of his neck.  Enjoy.

Update:  I added a tongue, tweaked the teeth and threw on a helmet.  I think I like the design of the helmet so I'll probably stick with that theme and start working on a chest plate tonight.

Monday, March 29, 2010

2.5 hour creature concept I came up with

I just started this guy to kill time one day but I ended up really liking his final look.  I'm thinking I should take him further and do a full body.  I'll be revisiting him in the near future after I finish something else I'm working on.

A superbowl commercial I did last year

This actually ended up being a pretty hilarious commercial.  The flowers come out of the box and proceed to tell the woman that she is ugly and that no one wants to see her naked.  They guys at Asylum VFX did a great job tracking  my flowers to her hand as well.  Everyone did a great job on this shot.

Avatar Head

I know, I know.  Everyone is doing this now.  Well I had to do one also and here she is.  I dont usually go for the pointy ear dames but she's kinda hot actually...

One fo the many models I created for Terminator

I kinda overkilled this model but It was used to fall and smash a t600 model in Terminator Salvation.

Mummy I created for a Halloween Modeling competition online

A final screen grap out of Zbrush.

I thought it would be funny for Halloween to model a mummy that was using toilet paper for his wrap while also sitting on the toilet.  He then runs out of toilet paper and has a difficult choice to make.  Use the last square for his wrap or for his arse.  I know...I know...I'm stupid.

Cloverfield Sculpt

I think one of the coolest creatures created in my generatino was the cloverfield creature for the film Cloverfield.  It was really hard to find reference for this guy but I did manage to find a few things and sculpt this up.  The feet could be fleshed out more but overall he reads pretty well considering how fast I created him.

Sculpt I did for a demo at CG Con 2009

I really love doing live demo's and speaking.  I was asked to do a 2 hour presentation at CG Con this year on my work on Terminator.  I also spoke about the renessiance modeling has gone through over the last 5 years.  I did this as an example of how you can in fact use sculpting applications to do organic as well as hard surface within your sculpting application.

Mo from Wall E

I loved this character from Wall E so much that I had to make him.  He was brilliant.  A cleaning robot with obsessive compulsive disorder.  How hilarious is that... lol

The first sculpt I ever did

Ahhh those were the days.  I was talking to the art directo over at Luma Pictures and he was saying how he liked my work and he had some interest in hiring me.  He asked if i had any creature work to show.  I didn't actually so I spend that weekend learning mudbox and creating all of these in 2 days.

Pretty astonishing actually and a huge credit to the ease of Mudbox that I was able to pick it up and do this in 2 days without having never used the application.  I think it took me 16 hours to figure out how to open a file in Zbrush.  FAIL.