Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cave Troll...er something. (work in progress)

I started this guy a little while ago and i'm just updating him randomly now.  His body is far enough along I think. I'll start adding armor to him next so stay tuned for updates!

Update: Added a pad lock to his gear so he'd actually have a way to get out.  Also added a pretty shabby loin cloth so we don't see his junk swinging around.  Cause that would be just gross...

Update:  Added the chest plate and chains.  I also added a bit more to his helmet.  It was ok before but I felt like it was floating a bit.  It needed some more near the rear of his neck.  Enjoy.

Update:  I added a tongue, tweaked the teeth and threw on a helmet.  I think I like the design of the helmet so I'll probably stick with that theme and start working on a chest plate tonight.


  1. hey Josh keep working like this, and one day you'll be good!

  2. I'm sorry what did you say Dave? I could not hear you because I was having sex with 14 asian women.

  3. Oh SNAP! Have you seen Black Dynamite? See it.

    So for real I'll add a critique, some of which you know like too symmetrical. The other thing is if you want to go very hand/ogre made armor, then the connections from the chains shouldn't be perfect welds, it should be a hole in the armor that the chain just goes into and the chain should be more shitty. Do you know nCloth? Itd be cool to drap some horrible rangs in there and start really messing this guy up. I look at those hands and think, he's not doing any fine craftsmanship. Just huge hammer and smashes things into rough form. And it probably rusts away. Maybe areas where the humans slammed a battle axe into before he pwned them.