Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cave Troll (update)

Well I finally got around to getting him into Maya as a lower poly model.  Here he is so far.  Still painting a few things and i gotta down res all the shackles still.  I like how i can sculpt him in a matter of hours but transferring maps and getting all that sh*$ to work takes days.  How annoying.

I've been using the new Zbrush UV unwrap feature almost exclusively and for the most part I'm pretty damn impressed.  I'll be using this a LOT in the future.  Pretty crazy though how many applications i use just to do 1 character now. 

Mudbox for painting Maps. (SOOOoo fast.  amazing).
Xnormal for simple 2d height map to NM creation.
Zbrush for Sculpting
Topogun for resurfacing
Photoshop for 2d
Maya for... well just about nothing because it's worthless.  I guess to create a base mesh if i don't use silo and also to display it in the end.  Although I'll probably use a free game engine i found for my final shot.  So yea... i guess I dont need it for much.

Anyway getting closer

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