Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Marmoset Engine

I'm always looking for some new tech that flies under the radar.  I've known about the Marmoset Engine (real time game engine) for quite some time but I always get busy and forget to give it a go.  Well I finally loaded up my trusty real time cave troll last night.  Wow.  I'm pretty blown away at the quality.  I've got 4k maps on character and 2k on the rest.  I have HDR lighting, Sub surface Scattering, A color grade, 1 real time light, Light Bloom and depth of field all rendering in real time.  Oh and it costs 50.00

It's like being hand washed by a beautiful woman, who is using a smaller beautiful woman as the wash cloth.  Meanwhile, I cant even sort basic transparency in Maya's viewport. 


  1. omg........ COOOOOOL Josh! xox Mom

  2. Hi Josh. I just wanted to let you know that if you like testing out models in a real game engine, the Unreal Engine 3, one of the most used engines out there for today's best-looking games is completely free in the form of the Unreal Development Kit.

    You can get it at UDK.com and it works very easily with models since you import models and set up materials much like in Maya or Max...plus you can make your levels, materials, effects or games in there too. There are only royalties to pay to Epic if you make a commercial product with it.

    Thanks for the tutorials!

    Big D.