Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God I'm such a sell-out.

Well, anyone who knows me or my work knows I have just about zero interest in doing humans.  If you need a human then go scan one.  It's cheaper and more accurate.  Then there is the totally over played, classic space marine characters that appear on every forum, portfolio, video game and college demo reel in the world.  How many of these do we need?

I digress... So I sat down today to play around with a pretty basic head mesh I have on file.  Normally I start from a blob of clay but decided to do it different this time.  It's just a simple head with fairly accurate loops.  The next thing I know I'm kneed deep in a space marine character.  God I could shoot myself.  I wasn't gonna post it but It's a decent example of starting with a cube and being able to block out a pretty detailed hard surface mesh.

Here you go,


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