Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. It's Freddy 4 fingers! Oh no he d'ent!

I'm not sure where I'm going with this guy.  I started with a few Zspheres and came up with this today.  I sort of feel like adding clothing or some garb or something.  I"l have to think about it a little bit.  In the mean time, here is Freddy!   (releasing doves, choir music playing)


  1. can you cut into something so much until it break apart like cutting those fingers apart or do you do that in another app/when you would retopo it in a production?

  2. If you use 3D Coat or Sculptris to do Voxel Sculpting that sort of thing is possible. In Zbrush (traditional sculpting) you would have to re-topo the fingers and separate them at that time.

  3. Very nice, and the title was pretty sweet, too!