Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh muh LAWD, it's NOODLE FACE!

Ok i banged this guy out with the QUICKNESS.  The initial concept was about 30 minutes.  I then sawced it up for another maybe 2 hours.  It's a slight combination of a cool silhouette i saw on a character in hellGate and maybe a dash of District 9.  I mean you cant make tentacles without being compared to district 9 so... I'll just throw it out there for you first.

here you go!


  1. Hey Josh. Could you please do a Maya video wherein you explain how to set up the light and shader to get a render similar looking to this:

    It seems rather impossible to find any tutorials or how to videos for Maya for that particular style of shader/light and it's starting to drive me crazy :(

  2. This guy is cool! He walks on his back knuckles as well? That makes for a very interesting look, I'd love to see how this guy moves. He definitely has a very interesting silhouette!

  3. Thanks for the comments Karlasawayer.

    Anonymous: I'll see if i can send you something...