Monday, April 9, 2012

Viva La Resistance!!!

A friend of mine showed me a hilarious little character painted by Sam Spratt the other day.  I decided to do a 3D sculpt of him.  I tried to stick withing the same guidelines that Sam set when he painted his.  He painted it in 2.5 hours and so I sculpted this in about 2.5 hours as well.  I'll probably add a flag in his left hand tomorrow.

Enjoy my minions! mu-hahaahhaha (rubbing hands).

Original Painting I saw that Sam Spratt had done. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Josh, great work !!
    did you color this character in zbrush or export to another software for final rendering ?

    I started to switch for 3d recently , about 6 months ago using modo and like it a lot, but since 2 weeks i started zbrush and now I am in love with this software, but I would like to do everything into zbrush even coloration as its so it possible to avoid uv and export toward another software for coloration and final rendering, for a professional result ?

    thanks !!