Sunday, July 22, 2012

There is some fuckerie afoot...

It's not uncommon for me to get approached to work on a project or produce a DVD or make a quick tutorial.  In this case I was approached to do a creature DVD for a larger box set.  It's also not unusual for people to not follow through with their part.

About a year ago I sculpted this creature from concept (not my concept) to final sculpt.  I also retopo'd it using 3D Coat.  I probably recorded 12-15 hours of work with Narration.  Not just any narration.  Sweet, sweet, Josh narration.  Yea thats right.  The soothing kind.  The kind that makes you feel warm in the pit of your stomach... anyway...

(drum roll)  I've never heard back about the dvd after giving up all the content over a year ago.  I may just give up the entire load of content for free to my stalkers/minions.  I did sign a contract however so, I'll be contacting them prior to this.  Though I cant imagine they have any plans to actually release this anymore.  Zbrush has gone up like two versions since then.  Who wants to buy a dvd that is pre-dynamesh.

A few shots of the creature.


  1. Thats a bummer man, but alas, if you plan to upload all the content for free!!!!Ill be more than thankfull to you!!!!!

  2. Heck Yeah.. I would like to see something like this from start to finish.. would be nice...

  3. That would be awesome (and so generous of you) Josh. That creature looks amazing.