From Los Angeles. (currently working in Singapore)
Phone: (65) 9295-0183

I have 14 years of industry experience as a digital artist in film, television and video games.  I’m proficient in Modeling, Texturing and Digital Sculpting with a specialty in creature design.  I've lead teams at various companies over the years and I'm accustomed to  providing technical guidance, pipeline development, mentoring and art direction on location as well as remotely to outsourcing studios.

I dedicate as much of my time as I can to teaching and motivating other artists within the industry.  I do quite a lot of speaking and live demos at industry events.  I've published my own book as well as two separate modeling DVD's.  I've also taught at the Gnomon School of Visual FX and I keep an active art blog to post my personal work as well as free video tutorials.

I love what I do and I love this industry.

3D Studio Max, Silo, Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Nex, Unfold 3D, Unreal Editor, Vray, Photoshop,Linux, TopoGun, 3d Coat,


Lucas Film,  Singapore                                                             October 2009  -Present
Lead Artist
Clone Wars
  • Overseeing all digital assets that are created for the Clone Wars Series.  (model and texture)
  • Providing artistic direction and technical guidance to the artists on location
  •  Coordinating digital assets between Singapore and our San Francisco office.

Asylum Visual FX,  Santa Monica                                                                       November 2008  -Present
Terminator Salvation
  • Creating photo realistic models for feature film based on reference
Sorcerers Apprentice
  • Creature Modeling
  • Morphs via blendshapes
  • Creating models based on photos or concept art

Electronic Arts,  Los Angeles                                                                                 August 2007  -October 2008
Lead CG artist
Untitled Spielberg Project
  • Lead CG Artist on a very small but focused team.  I am responsible for creating a quality bar for characters and environments as well as managing the outsourcing.

Electronic Arts,  Los Angeles                                                                                   November 2006 – August 2008Environment Team Lead/CG Artist III
Medal Of Honor Airborne (Xbox360)
  • Senior Artist on Medal Of Honor next Gen title.  Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting.  Implementing environment art and assets for level creation.
  • Leading a team of artists and setting the visual quality bar for that particular level.

Climax Entertainment Group, Santa Monica, CA                                 February 2006- October 2006
Lead Artist
Silent Hill (PSP)
·         Lead Environment artist on Silent Hill.  Overseeing Level creation and general quality control on all environments and assets/props.  Coordinating with designers and animators to make sure pipelines run smoothly to minimize rework with integrating cinematic animations and design features.  Also working with other leads and producers to help create efficient scheduling.
·         Traveling to England to interface with the London studio to establish consistent pipelines between both studios.
·         Interfacing with outsourcing studios in Los Angeles as well as European studios.  May also be heading to Belgrade (Southern Europe) to personally oversee art direction on new project.
·         Level creation from start to finish.  Level modeling/Texturing/Props/Lighting
·         Character work for PS3 development as well as Silent Hill PSP

Sony Online Entertainment, San Diego, CA                                                           April 2002-January 2006
·         My responsibilities at Sony varied from month to month. I could be creating organic character models one day and then texture painting, environment modeling or lighting a scene the next day. I have a wide range of talents and I have had my hand in almost every aspect of production. My productivity is high and as a result I tend to get moved to teams that need help. This has allowed me to spend a lot of time on multiple projects within the company.
Playstation3 Engine Demo
·         High quality cinematic to be viewed in HD at Electronics Convention for SONY
Field Commander (PSP)
·         Character creation, vehicles, weapons and terrain
Untold Legends (PSP)
·         Created 4 levels from beginning to end.  Modeling/texturing/lighting/props
Untold Legends 2 (PSP)
·         Character Models from Concept
Everquest 2 (PC)
·         Character Development Team
War Game (PC)
·         I created all character models.  Then moved onto environmental modeling and texturing.  This was comprised of mostly architectural work.
Planetside (PC)
·         Lighting, character creation, Weapon creation, environment modeling, texturing, FX

NuFX, Hoffman Estates, IL                                                                                                            2001-2002
(Contract company creating games for EA Sports. It is now EA Chicago)
3D Artist
March Madness 2002 (PS2)
·         My responsibilities were increased for this product to include character work as well as the work I did on the previous title.
·         I relocated for my position at SONY however before I could complete the bulk of production.
March Madness 2001 (PSX)
·         I was responsible for creating all the stadiums, environments and background characters from start to finish
NBA Street (PS2, GC)
·         Environment modeling

Envision Digital Imaging, Kankakee, Illinois                                                                                          1998-2000
3D Artist (High End)
·         I was responsible for creating photo-realistic renders and cinematic fly throughs for architecture companies.
·         I worked on a very small team, which allowed my skills to flourish in multiple areas.
·         I was modeling, creating special fx (when needed) texturing, video editing, composting, managing tens of thousands of frames, foley art, video editing and sound editing all the way up to the finished product.

Illinois Institute of Art                                                                                                                                                          1998
AA in Computer Animation
·         I originally enrolled to get a Bachelors degree from the Illinois Institute of Art. However I was working professionally before I had even finished up my Associates deg. I decided to finish out my associates degree and continue working within the industry. I never looked back. I graduated in 1998 with an associate's degree in Computer Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art. I have been working professionally ever since.