Making a Chameleon
Minions!  Today I have a special treat.  Not only do I show you how I made my chameleon image... I have also attached a video of my narration for you as well.  I know, I know.  It's almost too much awesome all at once...almost..

Painting a Ninja Turtle in Zbrush
Minions!  (catching flowers and panties being thrown on stage)

Dear sweet Minions.  Today I give you my latest paint video using polypaint in zbrush.  I'm too sick tonight to write anything particularly clever. Just use your eyebals and enjoy it.  ENJOY IT!

Ninja Turtle Sculpt
Minions.  As a child of the 80's/90's this was sorta inevitable.  Thats right.  A god damn Ninja Turtle.

Sorry about the poor echo.

Today I give you my raptor-bat-thingie time lapse.

The Raptor bat is small.  Fast.  Quick tempered.  He loves Chinese fod but maintains a fascination with Korean women.

Axle the Bipolar Alien
Axle is passionate.  Quirky and incredibly unpredictable.  Mostly due to his recent diagnosis of bipolar-ism.

I'll be honest, this is probably not the best narration I've ever done.  In my defense it's 4am so I'm not exactly delving into Shakespeare at this point.  Also it's free.  So sit down.  Grab a coke.  Enjoy the meanderings.

Handle Bar gets a body
Oh snap! Handle Bar got upgraded today. Multitasking is now at level 70.

Handle Bar 

Hello Minions.  Today I give to you my beloved Handle Bar.  He is patient, quiet and very self conscious about his head.

Enjoy the video!  Sit back and relax.  Enjoy the smooth tones of my voice as you learn.  I SAID CALM THE F%$K DOWN AND RELAX!!!  There...there...I didn't mean to yell at you.  It's because I love you and you just make me so mad sometimes.

Fattie McFat Pants - part 2
Oh sh*t minions!  Fattie is back and he's got some sexy skin!

In this video I level up my mesh.  Add major skin folds as well as detailing on the skin.  We toss on some arms.  (So that he's not flailing around with a couple stumps).  I also create some UV's as well as give him a good coat of poly paint in zbrush.

You're welcome.

(Holding hand out to receive an excessive amount of high-fives)

Fattie McFat Pants - part 1
Minions! (standing upon cliff with wind in my hair, arms out stretched)

Today I give you Fattie McFat Pants.  Fattie likes long walks on the beach and incredibly overweight women.  Like really big.  Like to the point where you question their survival.  It's pretty gross actually

I actually got this head concept from Aris Kolokontes.  He's a brilliant sculptor and I happened to see a piece of his and was inspired to sculpt this.  This is obviously really rough and I'll post a part 2 video where I give it my own take and step up a few more levels to add detail.

Enjoy my minions.  Enjoy.

Sculpting a Minion
Hello Josh minions.

This is a Josh Minion.  Basically Minions do my bidding.  They are highly motivated but quite dense.  If you throw enough minions at a problem they usually get it resolved.  Though there is usually significant casualties to their numbers and even property damage.

UV'ing in 3D Coat
Hello Josh minions.

In this video I go over how to use 3D Coat to quickly and easily layout your UV's.  If you're still using applications like Maya to unfold your models I will personally come to your house and slap you about the face.

The making of BEAK
Hello everyone.  I'd like you to meet Beak.  He is outspoken.  Strict.  He would describe himself as, "Firm but fair." and he has positively zero front vision

Josh Minions! (holding hands above head in dramatic fashion)
I give you (pause...) Nub!

This is a time lapsed video where I talk about the process of making this character while simultaneously complaining about loosing the first half of my recording.  fail.

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Bunkspeed Pro 2012

This is a quick look at the latest version of Bunkspeed Pro 2012. 
In this video I go over all the basic steps of getting your asset into the application and ready for a final render.  

Creature Painting in Zbrush
The previous paint video I created we were just laying down some color basic solid colors to come up with a color concept.
In this video I take a more detailed approach and show you how you can use Polypaint to build up a more realistic skin texture and even imply translucency on your creatures skin.

The Josh Robinson super duper shader setup for Modelers
I've gotten a few requests to show how to do a decent shader set up for modelers.
In this video I show you how I create a very simple Maya shader with ambient occlusion so that you can display your models more effectively without lengthy render times or complicated setups.

UV'ing in Zbrush
This is an in-depth look at two different approaches for uv'ing inside of Zbrush
1. UV'ing something that you sculpted inside of Zbrush that has subdivision levels
2. UV'ing something that you created using a 3rd party application and you just want to uv it inside of zbrush.

Creature Painting Tutorial
I've slowly been trying to cover most major aspects of production within a pipeline. This time I wanted to cover character painting by hand using Polypaint in Zbrush.
This is a 35 minute real time video where I talk you through my personal process for painting a creature inside of Zbrush. I hope it helps!

How to use Maya's Unfold feature.  (So that it actually works).
Using the Unfold feature in Maya is a lot like having to set one of those Intentional brush fires in southern California. You know you have to do it but you also know it's gonna suck.  However, this video will show you how you can still effectively use the Unfold feature to quickly unwrap your meshes. 

Baking Ambient Occlusion in Maya 2011
In this tutorial I show you how to quickly bake ambient occlusion onto multiple objects at once using Maya. This is really helpful to use as an additional overlay in your texture work to add depth or dirt etc...
There are not too many tutorials on this process other than a one I found from 2007 and you had to actually READ it.  (What artist wants to read words, ewww) So I made a video for you!

Bunks Speed's Hypershot Renderer

Just a quick demo on the Hypershot Renderer. Another epic example of why I use custom software for every task. Even after using this for 1 day, the very idea of going back to the old days where we had to wait on a render makes me want to jump on a sword.

Speed Sculpt Character Concept
This is a 45 minute speed sculpt I did from zspheres.  I didn't really know what I wanted when I started so I was just going off the top of my head as the sculpt progressed.  I'd like to fix the mouth a bit and actually make a totally different set of teeth.  If I did those things however then it would not be a "speed sculpt" so i'll resist that temptation right now.  I hope you enjoy!

Speed Sculpt Character Concept from Josh Robinson on Vimeo.

Creature Concept Sculpt with narration
(2 hours)
This is a 2 hour creature sculpt speed up 2x so the video is just slightly over 1 hour long.  I'm narrating during the entire process as well.  There are no annoying cuts or fades that suddenly reveal a nearly finished model.  I show you the entire process from start to finish including mistakes.  I hope you enjoy.

Restoring an objects lost pivot info

This is my nifty little trick that I use in order to find the rotation value of an object that has lost its transform data.

Modeling a pair of Gorilla feet using Silo
This is actually a really old video.  I had intended on recording the entire modeling process but it was causing performance issues so I only ended up using the video of his feet.  It's still useful to understand my modeling process a little.

Curves for beginners
In this video I cover the most basic use of curves and how you can use curves to create curved shapes quickly, like roads or tubes. 
I also cover the importance of simply creating something properly in the first place so that you do not need to go through the trouble of UV'ing it later.

Features covered in this video
-Curve Creation
-Extruding along a curve

Creating accurate tubes and turns using curves
In this video I go over how to use basic knowledge of curves in Maya to create things like tubes, hallways and perfect 90 degree turns.
Features covered
-Curve Creation
-Extruding along a curve
-Revolve function

Lofting curves to block out your mesh
In this video I'll cover lofting in more detail as well as rebuilding your curves to change your model resolution.
Features covered
-Rebuilding Curves

Advanced curves.  Using the boundary feature
This is a more complex use of cures using the boundary feature in Maya.  I show examples of how you'd start a car hood or creating a complicated hallway turn.
Featured in this video
-Rebuilding Curves