Calm down...calm down.  I will sign autographs in a timely manner.  No reason to get crazy.
"Has anyone seen my pen?"  (Patting pockets).

I was contacted recently to do a short video about my life here in Singapore.  The guys that put it together did a great job.  Thanks for making it a fun experience everyone.  (waving).

Oh and an extra thanks to the girl that was spraying water on me for the promotional pics.  You know who you are.

The Digital Artist from little red ants on Vimeo.

Car Morph

This was the car morph shot I worked on for Sorcerers Apprentice.  Surprisingly I did all this by using a blend shape in Maya.  I basically broke down the cars into section.  As different as the cars are they both still have a quarter panel, hood, trunk, wheels etc..  So basically i morphed each section into it's corresponding panel on the car.

Car Morph from Sorcerers Apprentice from Josh Robinson on Vimeo.

Ring Dragon Model from Sorcerers Apprentice
This guy came out pretty cool actually.  I hand sculpted him in Zbrush using the actual ring as reference.  All the dots and displacements on the character were done 1 at a time by hand by me.  It just kept working out better than using a template to create it.

Ring Dragon from Sorcerers Apprentice from Josh Robinson on Vimeo.

Asylum Visual FX
Well I don't know how it happened but I learned today that Asylum VFX will be closing it's doors.  I don't know how you go from doing incredible shots in Benjamin Button, Terminator Salvation and Transformers to closing your doors.  But the year I spent there was amazing and I learned an incredible amount.  Easily one of the most talented group of people I've ever worked with under one roof.  I wish them all the best.

In memory of Asylum I wanted to post this great commercial that we did for Halo 3 last year.  You can also see the outstanding work we did on Terminator Salvation in the video below In great detail.

Sorcerer's Apprentice
This was lots of fun to work on and had a lot of challenges.  I'll probably comment more once it is release.  In the mean time I'm looking forward to the release of it to see all the hard work everyone did on the big screen.

Terminator Salvation Breakdown Video
This is a showcase video from some of the work we did at Asylum Visual FX on Terminator Salvation.  I asked the powers that be if I could have a copy of this video last year for a presentation I was doing at CG Con and they were kind enough to give me a copy to show the crowd.

I've honestly never worked with such a talented group of people.  The shots that everyone pulled off were amazing and I'm very lucky to have been a part of it.

Terminator Salvation Breakdown Video from Josh Robinson on Vimeo.

Super Bowl commercial I worked on last year.
While working at Asylum Visual FX I was tasked with modeling the flowers that were used in this commercial spot for the 2009 Super Bowl. They guys at Asylum did such a great job matching the lighting and the movement. I was laughing so hard the first time I saw this.

Super Bowl Commercial I worked on from Josh Robinson on Vimeo.

Fun Hershey's commercial I worked on
This was a really fun Hershey's commercial we worked on at Asylum Visual FX. I had a blast modeling all the little sets and machinery. We had a lot of creative freedom and had to make stuff up on the fly most of the time. The end result was great as usual though. Everyone at Asylum is so talented.

Hershey's commercial from Josh Robinson on Vimeo.

This is the very first video that I ever created, ever.
Ok be gentle!  This was 12 years ago.  I was literally using a fork, a ball of string and 3 illegal Cambodian children to create this.  We didn't have things like, "computers" back then.

His name is Giggy.  He's a robot that fixes things but he always goes overboard with the upgrades.  In this video he's unhappy that the fan rotates too slowly.